Hamed Noori


| 2012

The fate of world’s oil today in reality depicts the history of our last century, a story of brutal battles and war over global wealth, power and control.
The presence of oil has many impacts on the natives who live on the lands where it is found, notably in the Middle East.
The volatile nature of the price of oil, creates internal and international political and economical problems of various nature. The dependence on oil revenues, and its volatile nature, keep people and the region in constant instability.
The greed that this black gold creates, both internally and internationally, feeds war, insecurity, and a crises in the region and ultimately in the world that we, as native of the region, have witnessed first hand for the past century.
The discovery of oil is directly linked to our history, and lives, and the international narrative of war, power, faith, and, wealth.


(Naphtha meant “crude oil”, but this usage is now obsolete in English. )



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