Hamed Noori

Hamed Noori (b. 1979) is a multidisciplinary artist from Iran who currently lives and works in Cambridge, MA. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Iran, specializing in traditional Iranian forms and techniques, he moved to Berlin in 2009 and began to study for a master’s degree in “Art in Context” at Berlin University of the Arts. At this point he was inspired to change his artistic practice to focus on moving between media in order to retain creative tension. He expanded his practice from the exploration of applied traditional arts to incorporate sculpture, photography, collage, and video.

As a long-time expat, he is interested in exploring themes of transformation, belonging, displacement, and impermanence to evoke personal stories that are reconfigured into abstract narratives used to explore his identity as a multicultural, immigrant artist.

For the past three years, he has been working on a project that investigates geometric patterns common in Islamic art and architecture from the Middle East. This project draws upon Western traditions of nature photography while incorporating a Persian approach to perspective and geometry. The work represents an exploration and celebration of the continually shifting relationships between belonging and displacement, personal and collective memories, and the circumstances of migration and place.

Hamed was honored with a Mass Cultural Council Artist Fellowship, MASS MoCA’s A4A grant, a Walkaway House Fellowship (North Adams, MA), and he has been chosen for the BCA (Boston Center for the Arts) studio residency program.