Hamed Noori


| 2017

Love” explores the complexities, contradictions, and imperfections of real-life relationships through the iconic Barbie and Ken dolls, which have been a part of popular culture for generations and represent the idealized version of love and relationships. The inseparable couple is melted together in an embrace, symbolizing the intense and often inescapable bond between two people in love.

Through the metaphor of two rotating figures, I capture the joy and pain, the fear and the beauty of love, raising questions about the nature of love and its impact on individuals. The figures are depicted as dancing, but it is unclear if they are enjoying themselves or causing harm to one another.

I subvert these ideals with the aim of ambiguity, reflecting the duality of love, which can bring immense joy and fulfillment but can also be self-destructive and cause pain.


* HD Video, Color, Without Sound, 1 Min (Loop)