Hamed Noori

Impermanent Mountains

| 2020-22

I have been moved by the art of landscape photography that was led by pioneers of American landscape photography who had a vast and varied landscape to play with. I believe that the new American conceptions of the landscape have a contradiction/conflict with American history that invests their national identity in natural places.
As can be seen in my photographs, these man-made mountains from construction projects become so degraded from neglect that they almost become anti-mountains. The impermanent mountains at construction sites become unreal landscapes that are not only changing the perception of the entire environment but also become a temporary home for creatures that they are not able to persevere and are quickly disappearing.
By capturing these impermanent mountains, I highlight the conflicts of human-made landscapes with the aim of raising awareness about the environmental crisis. These photographs illuminate humanity as the main victim of our callous destruction. I’m interested in drawing a comparison between my photographs of found mountains to the iconic photographs of mountains by historic American photographers such as Ansel Adams, Carleton Watkins and William Henry Jackson.